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In 1917, İnci Deri started shoe manufacturing at the shoe shine parlor founded by Hacı Murat Kızıltaş in Istanbul. A few years later, İnci Deri added children’s shoes and house slippers to its product range, preparing to open up stores to serve its customers for the following 30 years. In 1947, Ahmet Nuri Kızıltaş, a second generation member of the family, opened the first shoe store in Fatih. The opening of the store marked İnci’s first step towards modern retail and branding process. In early 1980s, the branding process gathered speed with the third generation of the family joining the management team. In parallel with the rapid development of retail in Turkey, İnci grew rapidly in chain stores. Between 1997-2011, the brand gained experience in exports by developing products and collections for world-renowned brands in 35 countries. In 2012, with the institutionalization and transformation processes in the company, İnci decided to focus on branded exports. Closely following global trends, technological developments in the business and fashion world, İnci serves with more than 800 members of staff in 101 stores in Turkey and 5 stores abroad. Drawing from the confidence in many years’ experience, İnci makes progress in its strategy to expand in the international market. Upon the approval of its Turquality application, İnci re-shapes its domestic strategies and goals thanks to the support the program provides. The primary goal of all İnci’s strategies and targets is to become one of the best players in the segment as a distinctive brand not only in Turkey but in other top international markets.

In 1917, İnci started its journey with a shoe shine salon run by Hacı Murat Kızıltaş. With Nuri Kızıltaş as manager, the company took the first step towards modern retail in 1947 by opening up stores and starting the branding process. As of 1985, the third generation of the family took over management and İnci became one of the leading players of the retail sector rapidly growing alongside global developments. In its centenary, İnci serves customers in more than a hundred sales points.Between 1997 and 2011, the brand gained considerable experience in exports to 35 countries. In 2012, İnci completed a process of transformation from a family-owned company to an institutionalized organization. The same year, the company decided to proceed under the single brand “İnci” both in Turkey and abroad.

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Set off with a shoe repair shop by Hacı Murat Kızıltaş in 1917, İnci Deri today continues its journey as a fashion retailer brand…